Houston Methodist Research Institute

      • Phil Horner– Houston Methodist Academic Institute; Isolation, characterization and malignant transformation of porcine neural progenitor cells (CPRIT Co-PI) and Neuro-restoration of treatment induced myelin injury in a preclinical glioma model (NeuroSPARK Award Co-PI).
      • Stephen Wong– Houston Methodist Cancer Center, Targeting astrocyte-tumor cell cross talk to treat brain metastasis (NIH R01).
      • Bruna Cordetti– ┬áHouston Methodist Research Institute; Dept of Nanomedicine; Role of glioma stem cell exosomes in modifying the tumor immune microenvironment (Dept of Nanomedicine Pilot Award).
      • Robert Krencik– Houston Methodist Research Institute; Human iPSC derived neuronal and astrocyte organoids to model functional cross talk with glioma stem cells (CPRIT award).
      • Yi-Lan Weng– Houston Methodist Research Institute; role of M6A epitranscriptomics in aging and glioma biology.
      • Murali Hegde– Houston Methodist Research Institute; Role of DNA repair in regulating aging related glioma malignancy.
      • Francesca Taraballi – Houston Methodist Research Institute, Dept of Nanomedicine; Application of bioprinting to generate immune functionalized brain tumor organoids.
      • Ruli Gao– Houston Methodist Research Institute, Regional genomics of brain metastases.

Outside Collaborators

      • Karol Bomzstyk – University of Washington;┬áRole of pre-analytic factors in detection of GBM MGMT promoter methylation (NIH Biospecimen U01) and high-throughput analysis of intratumoral epigenetic heterogeneity.
      • Albert Folch and Lisa Horowitz – University of Washington; Microfluidic delivery platform for pre-clinical therapeutic testing in patient derived tumor samples (prior R01).
      • Anil Korkut, Zeynep Dereli– M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; High-throughput analytic techniques to characterize brain tumors, pre-clinical drug testing of human GBM slice cultures on a microfluidic delivery platform.
      • Larry Schook, Kyle Schachtschneider – University of Illinois; Development of large animal glioma model.
      • Sung Jung– Baylor College of Medicine Proteomics; Analysis of intratumoral protein heterogeneity in GBM.
      • Ben Arenkiel– Baylor College of Medicine Neurologic Institute; Electrophysiologic characterization and regulation of GSCs.
      • Clifford Stephan– Texas A&M Health Science Center, Institute of Biosciences and Technology; High-throughput screening of drug responses in GBM cells.
      • Manuel Ferreira – University of Washington; molecular profiling of skull base tumors.

Clinical Research Collaborations

      • Suzanne Powell– Houston Methodist Neuropathology; Pre-analytic factors and MGMT promoter methylation (U01), Neural Biorepository.
      • Randa El-Zein, Farhaan Vahidy– Houston Methodist Research Institute and Cancer Center and Centers for Outcomes Research; Brain metastasis database and outcome analysis.
      • Masahiro Fujita– Houston Methodist Research Institute PET Core Director for the Translational Imaging Center; Use of TSPO PET to image brain metastases (Young Texans Against Cancer).
      • Jason Michael Johnson– MD Anderson Cancer Center; 7T imaging of BMs treated with radiosurgery.